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1Season 1 Apr. 24, 2020





Takeshi Ookubo is a student at the prestigious Seifuukan Academy, attended mostly by the rich and influential. Owing to his nasty physique and meager intellect, he has little prospect in getting the attention of, let alone developing a romantic relationship with, the woman of his dreams.

When Takeshi is on the verge of giving up, God bestows upon him hypnosis powers, which Takeshi uses to seduce the attractive girls at his school and build his own harem.

He now embarks on a perverted quest, entrapping both classmates and teachers alike under his command. The academy soon transforms into his exclusive sexual playground as more and more girls begin submitting to his influence.

Sexfriend Gakuen
Original title セフレ学園
TMDb Rating 5.46 527 votes
First air date Apr. 30, 2020
Last air date Apr. 30, 2020
Seasons 1
Episodes 1
Average Duration 20 minutes

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